How To Fix that problem [The USB Drive is not Shown after being connected to the Computer]

Hello Guys

Have you ever connected your USB flash driver to your computer or laptop but it didn’t appear as a drive ??!!

Today i’m gonna show you how to fix that problem.


All you need to do is to follow the next steps:

1- Connect the USB flash Drive to the computer.

2- Open the START MENU

2-  Go to the Control-Panel  (you can just type “Control Panel” in the search-bar of the start menu or the run-bar)

3- Make view by LARGE ICONS

4- Then go to Administrative-tools 


5-Choose Computer-management

6-Choose Disk-Management

7- You will see your drives and also you USB FLASH DRIVE

8-Right click on it( The USB FLASH DRIVE)  and choose [NEW SIMPLE VOLUME]

9-Choose NEXT

10-Then NEXT

11-Choose NEXT

12-Then NEXT

13- At last choose FINISH


14-And now you can see the USB FLASH DRIVE .

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