The secrets of [Fortnite Battle Royale] game and how to be the winner

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The secrets of [Fortnite Battle Royale] game and how to be the winner

Fortnite Battle Royale

                                        is now a very famous game . I think for two reasons : the first reason is that it is very interesting  and the second reason which supports the game is that it is available for almost every one as it is available  on PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, IOS and also available for android users.

It is very interesting game and still very simple .

The idea is bout dropping 100 persons and you try to survive and stay to be last one on the island

i think it is the same idea like the movie[NOT THE SAME BUT ALMOST]


And here are some tips to be the winner

1- Choosing the place at first


Try be away from the famous places like [Fatal Fields، Moisty Mire، Tilted Towers,Dusty Divot].

It is better to go to calm areas specially at the beginning  like [Haunted Hills، Shifty Shafts، Risky Reels].  coz these areas contain less number of competitors , many safe places and good number of good weapons.

2-The best weapons :

at the beginning the[Pickaxe] make it your primary weapon , specially at the beginning.

[Tactical Shotgun ]  is a very effective weapon specially from the near distances.

[Burst Assault Rifle] is one the easiest weapons for use.

[Grenades ] is a good weapon but needs some experience and practice.

3- Building

use the [Q] to build a Ramp ,which is very easy  and useful .

Sniper Tower  consider it the 2nd way or 2nd line

Traps   not only for protecting yourself  but also the best way to start the advanced step in your battles.


4- Don’t start your attacks til you are ready.

5-You must know the shortcuts and the controls

6-Watch videos on youtube to learn how to be better in the game.

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