Start trading in cryptocurrency [Binance post 1]

Hello guys ,

Today we are gonna start explain the way to start trading in cryptocurrency or as some people call it digital coins.

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[ If you are a beginner in that field this post is gonna be useful as a start  but if you are professional in that i think you’d be familiar with all of these points  so the post is focusing on helping the beginners in their first step in that field].[This post is for those who already has money and want to start getting more and more  i mean you need to start with money   if you are afraid of investing or using your money then the post is useless for you, you can find some other posts about getting money without any investment here .

We have some famous and trust-able sites for that.I’m gonna start today with explaining a website called BINANCE.COM

Very simple famous trust-able website to deal with and to start trading in cryptocurrency. I use it myself and it is 100% ok with me.


let’s start directly. Go to Binance


Then let’s register


After that go to your email inbox to activate your account (You will get an email with a confirmation link )


Then now you can log into your account here

Let’s explain the website

This is your account   from here you can change your password, your email , you can  add more security ways to your account.


in this page ,  go to the lower part of the page

You can change your account password

and also it is better to add some security to your account   such as google Authentication

(Download the application from app-store (ios users (such as iphones)) or googleplay (android users).)

The Funds list  contains balances

if we clicked on it it will take us to the page which contains our balances in all digital coins

From the Funds list >> Deposits


As an example

i’m gonna make deposit using bitcoin

just type some letters of the coin name and you will see it  then choose it

And this is how to make deposit



[I’ll continue explaining the website in details in other posts]  Follow us.


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