Stop the spam comments in your blog by captcha

March 9, 2019 - Website admin, Wordpress
Stop the spam comments in your blog by captcha

Hello guys

I got sometimes spam comments on my website and simply i delete them But i got some questions about how to stop it 100% .

And my answer was to use some plugins for that.

But for more than three days i was very buys and i had no time to check the website for a minute (Even the host account was suspended because i forgot to renew it   😀  LOL  )  . And i also found many spam comments and i had to delete them one by one and also again i saw aquestion about stopping that spam comments (robots).

So i decided to add the a plugin to stop that for my website and then to describe that in a minute for you ( You may need it ).

In a very simple short points ( I’m supposing that you have a wordpress website )

1- GO to your admin-panel  www.YOURWEBSITE.COM/WP-ADMIN and log-in.

2- Click on [Plugins]






Then you will get  the

Site Key & Secret Key

put them here




And now your blog visitors are gonna be asked to enter the captcha while making a comment.

Enjoy ..

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