Free SEO tools and Websites checkers [ post 1 ]

Hello guys ,

This post is specially for the websites admins.

It usually takes a few minutes for ads to appear on the page but occasionally it can take up to an hour. See our code implementation guide for more details. Done

Everyone wants his website to be in all search engines in-order to get more and more visitors.

Today i’m giving you some SEO tools for free to make your website much better.

Let’s start:

1 – This WEBSITE is like a Search Engine Optimization tool to check your website SEO an tell you your weak points.

You can get some features for free and also you can get 14  days premium for free.

Check it . (The Link)


2 – This WEBSITE is gonna add your website to many search engine domains like [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] …… and many others .(about 132 )

so by using it , just by one click you add your website to almost 132 search engine domains.



3- This tool is gonna check your website’s design and codes to check the speed of your website in loading .

In other words , it helps you to make your web pages fast on all devices


If you didn’t add your website to google Search engine plz check this post .

And i’m gonna make some other posts for some other SEO tools and how to archive your website well in many search engines.

If you have any question plz leave a comment.


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