Enable facebook comments into your wordpress website

Hello Guys ,

We all know that Facebook is very important as one of the most famous social media websites.

So it is very useful to enable Facebook comments into your website.

Today we will see how to enable Facebook comments in our WordPress website in a very simple way.

Follow these steps:

  • Log into your WordPress admin-panel.
  • Go to [Plugins].
  • Then [Add new].

  • After that we will search for a plugin called [WP Add-on for Facebook Comments] .
  • Just install it and then activate it.
  • Then you will see it in your sidebar like that:

  • Click on it .It will be ready but all we need is a Facebook App ID.
  • In order to get a Facebook App ID we will go to https://developers.facebook.com/.
  • We will login using our Facebook account.
  • Go to [My apps].Then choose [New app].
  • After that all you need is to fill in some cells with your website domain(you can make this in less than 30 sec).
  • Then activate your app and get your FACEBOOK APP ID to place it inside [WP Add-on for Facebook Comments] .
  • And then the Facebook comments will be enabled into you WordPress.

And here is a video to make it more clear and easier for you.



Thank you .

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