XAMPP Local host
Hello my friends , Today i’m gonna speak about XAMPP localhost . It is a 100% free software which allows you to make your own localhost . having [...]
[Sweet Home 3D] Free program for Interior designing
Hello guys, Are you an interior designer ? or you want to try interior designing and to make your own designs and ideas? So this post is gonna be useful [...]
A very good OPEN-SOURCE Media player VLC
Hello my friends First i want to say that i’m very sorry for not posting for a week but i was very busy and i was also preparing some good posts for [...]
Make your USB FLASH DRIVE Bootable with your operation system
Hello Guys, Today i’m gonna explain how to make your USB FLASH DRIVE Bootable with your ISO . In other words , how to put your Windows ISO [ or any [...]
VirtualBox for creating virtual machines
VirtualBox Introduction What is your operation system? Is it Windows 10 , 7  or even xp? is it liunx  debian, redhat,ubuntu,arch linux,fedora ? or even [...]
Be a very quick typist for free(simple and easy way)[TIPP10]
Hello my friends and my visitors how many times you saw very quick typist and wanted to be like them . Do you really want to be like that or even want to [...]
Download 7-Zip a free open-source file archiver with a high compression ratio
Hello Guys , Today i’m introducing to you a very good  file archiver with high compression ratio and the most interesting thing about it is that it [...]
EditPlus – Text editor with FTP, FTPS and sftp capabilities
Hello Guys .Today i am introducing to you a good text-editor  which i tried it and found it good and simple. It is called editplus.It has a free version in [...]
Download LibreOffice 6.1.3 100% for free [open source]
  Hello Guys, we daily deal with office files such as word files excel sheets , slides  …etc And there are some famous programs that we use them [...]