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A very good OPEN-SOURCE Media player VLC
Hello my friends First i want to say that i’m very sorry for not posting for a week but i was very busy and i was also preparing some good posts for [...]
Make your USB FLASH DRIVE Bootable with your operation system
Hello Guys, Today i’m gonna explain how to make your USB FLASH DRIVE Bootable with your ISO . In other words , how to put your Windows ISO [ or any [...]
Start trading in cryptocurrency [Binance post 2]
Hello Guys, Today we are gonna continue with binance trading website To Register click HERE After reading the first post Let’s continue, We made [...]
VirtualBox for creating virtual machines
VirtualBox Introduction What is your operation system? Is it Windows 10 , 7  or even xp? is it liunx  debian, redhat,ubuntu,arch linux,fedora ? or even [...]
Download from YOUTUBE without any software
Hello Guys , Youtube is a very famous website and also search engine for videos. Million visitors visit it daily and also thousands of videos are being [...]
Start trading in cryptocurrency [Binance post 1]
Hello guys , Today we are gonna start explain the way to start trading in cryptocurrency or as some people call it digital coins. [ If you are a beginner [...]
Convert Doge-coin to Bitcoin
Hello Guys , Some friends who started to earn doge-coins   asked me about the best easiest and most trusted way to convert Doge-coin to Bitcoin For me i [...]
DOGEWORKER.IO IS A SCAM is ascam Hello Guys, Today (27/11/2018) while i’m checking DOGECOIN.IO website i found that the website doesn’t exist   . So as i [...]
Be a very quick typist for free(simple and easy way)[TIPP10]
Hello my friends and my visitors how many times you saw very quick typist and wanted to be like them . Do you really want to be like that or even want to [...]
Free Advertisement on my website
Hello Guys welcome to my new website. It is still very new website but we are on the way. If you have a new website and you want to make a free [...]